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I have a problem with Zend_Form empty validator, it validates and return true even if the form is empty. For exemple if username = ' ' the validator returns true.

The Form

        'label'         => 'APP_FORM_USERNAME',
        'require'       => true,
        'validators'    => array(
            array('validator' => 'StringLength', true, 'options' => array(3, 50)),
            array('validator' => 'Alpha', true),
            array('validator' => 'NotEmpty', true, 'options' =>      Zend_Validate_NotEmpty::ALL)
        'filters'       => array(

How can i return false if is a string is empty? Thx.

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I'm going to answer even though I think you probably have found an answer since you ased this question a couple of months ago already.

setRequired(true) has actually the same effect than the notEmpty validator. It will add a notEmptyvalidator on top of the validators stack.

Your mistake is just a simple syntax error: require should be required.

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