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I on solaris 10 and I wanted to install the latest version of emacs. I don't have root access. I tried compiling emacs 23.4 from source and I am struck due to an old version of compiler in my system.

I am trying to use the per-built binary from sunfreeware.com, Is there a means to install it in my home directory without root access?

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It should be possible for most packages as long as their binaries support to be relocated.

You first need to convert the pkg files to their filesystem variant with pkgtrans, then, in most cases, you also need to extract the embedded archive which is just a cpio file.

Finally, you will need to adjust file permissions using the prototype file and possibly tweak some files or environment variables like LD_LIBRARY_PATH to have the program or libraries be functional.

Of course this can become quite cumbersome when you have to repeat all of this for every dependency the initial package might have.

I don't know about emacs but I suspect it to have many dependencies so the technique I suggest here might be too complex to worth the effort, especially as emacs has an alternative which is always installed and that many people prefer, I mean of course vi.

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