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I would like to see something like " 2/6 " in my html Instead i am seeing it as " 0.33333 "

Following is my javascript


Could u please help in this ?

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Put it in quotes:


The html method expects a string, and inserts that string of HTML into the matched elements. Currently, your code evaluates the expression 2/6, converts the result to a string and places that in your span. By putting it in quotes, you are creating a string literal, which will be inserted into your element as it is.

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Thanks for the reply. I Getting the number 2 and 6 by calling a function, so how would i do it ? $('span.correct').html(correctCount/(get_images(imgTitle,urlTitle).length)); –  user844866 Feb 10 '12 at 18:24
Then you want something like this: $("span.correct").html(correctCount + "/" + get_images(args).length);. By concatenating the values with a string (the / character), you will end up with a string. –  James Allardice Feb 10 '12 at 18:26
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Just make the argument of the function a string, not a number, by adding quotes:

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If you're going to be inputting algebra-like stuff, try using .text() instead of .html(). If you use .html('1 < 2'), it will not work, as the < will look like the start of a HTML tag.

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