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This question is non-sense. The difficulty was due to a bug in the software.

I'm trying to access a webservice using SoapUI. The webservice is developed in Delphi 7. I can call the published functions with the url http://server/my.dll/soap/IDataMod. A html representation of the WSDL file can be accessed with a web browser in the url http://server/my.dll/wsdl/IDataMod

But I can't find the url of the WSDL xml file. The wsdl/IDataMod page is a html file. Where can I get the real thing?

I've tried the following urls:


All of them return a html document.

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server/my.dll/wsdl/IDataMod should have worked. Are you sure you are getting an HTML Representation look at the source of the returned page it should be the wsdl. –  Robert Love May 29 '09 at 4:47

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Quick answer:

The URL is http://server/my.dll/wsdl/IDataMod

The question is nonsense because if you can see the HTML representation of the WSDL, there's a link to the XML file.

It was really a bug in the server.

Here are the dirty details. The application had its own dispatcher. When the URL had /wsdl/ it was delegated to the TWSDLHTMLPublish. The bug was that it should have been delegated to the DispatchRequest method, which correctly displays the HTML of XML of the WSDL based in the URL. But it was delegated to the ServiceInfo method, that always displayed the HTML representation.

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try something like "soap/IDataMod?wsdl"

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it didn't work:-( –  neves May 28 '09 at 22:34

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