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I have question and I need help, I am exploring rails 3.2 and configure Authlogic (latest one) to my application, I follow railscasts below episodes


Now my question is

How can I manage below two commands using rails 3.2?

1 script/generate session user_session

2 script/generate nifty_scaffold user_session --skip-model username:string password:string new destroy

Please guide me

Thanks Patrick

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I tried "rails generate session user_session" isn't working in Rails 3.2.1 –  user1127128 Feb 10 '12 at 19:30

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With the first command, you can just use

$ rails g authlogic:session UserSession

For the second one you should firstly add this gem to your gemfile:

gem "nifty-generators"

and then just run

$ rails g nifty:scaffold user_session [...]
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