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My application start with navigation Controller based, then change to Tabbar base after user login. If the second tab is selected, then it will presentModalViewController. In this viewController, I load a webview as normal I do. But the problem is for first time I do presentModalViewController, then I get the warning message above and it likes un-responded for few seconds before presentModalViewController (webpage is still loaded fully-no crashed). After the first time, it's normal (no warning message-very smooth).

I tried to take out the webview, I do presentModalViewController with a image instead. It's okay(no warning message). However, If i drag Uiwebview in IB into my viewcontroller only without any connecting with IBoutlets. I still get that warning message.

I did a lot of researches like this, I tried to load the Url request in both ViewDidLoad and ViewWillAppear, but it didn't help

My question is how can I pass by the warning? and is it okay to ignore this warning since this is my first time getting this warning?

Please help! Thank you very much.

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Any helps please....... –  JHHoang Feb 14 '12 at 15:32

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Try -viewDidAppear:

This seems to happen when multiple animations conflict.

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I just ignore the warning. It will not cause any crashes .

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