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I have the following regex:

/["]*(?<name>.*)[\"]*?\s*[<(](?<email>\w.*)[>)]/.match("\"The Boss\" <>")

and get the following result:

name = The Boss"
email =

How do I get rid of the last quote on The Boss"???

Feel free to refactor my regex to make it more sensical...

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The problem is that (?<name>) is .*, which will eat anything, including double quotes. An easy way to fix that would be to change it to .*?. (That's a reluctant matcher; it matches as few characters as possible, rather than as many as possible.)

Another way to do it would be to use [^"]* rather than .*.

There is an important lesson to be learned about regexps here: whenever you write a regexp, don't just think about what you want to match; think about what you don't want to match. A very common source of errors with regexps is matching too much.

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You probably want to disallow quotation marks in the name. This will fix your example:

/["]*(?<name>[^"]*)[\"]*?\s*[<(](?<email>\w.*)[>)]/.match("\"The Boss\" <>")

If you want to support backslash escaping, you'll need something more sophisticated, though.

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