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i have an ASP tree view having a Node

enter image description here

so now, i have to add a click event on NODE (i.e Accomodations) that is different from the click event on Child Node(i.e Blue Parrot INN etc.)

How i achieve this??

any help will greatly appreciated...

NOTE: I want to achieve this using jquery

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I add CSSclass on Root, Parent and Leaf Node like


and then in js i write jquery as follow

        alert("Root Node is click");

        alert("Parent Node is click");

        alert("Leaf Node is click");

This way i achieved what i want to get.... :)

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ASP.NET assigns some predictable client id's to the nodes. Using these client id's, you can assign click event with jquery.

$(document).ready(function () {
    $("#id_of_your_node_in_html_page").click(function () {
        //do something

More to say:

So how to get the client id of the node? Let's say your tree view has server id as my_tree. Then client id of the nodes will be like the following:

Accomodations     my_treet0
    PIER HOUSE... my_treet1
    BLUE PARROT.. my_treet2
    ISLAND CITY.. my_treet3
Hotels            my_treet4
    COUNTRY...... my_treet5

Note the t and the increasing number. However this method is not reliable. Once you add or remove one child node, client id of subsequent nodes will change.


Here is a more reliable method for getting client id. Instead of Accomodations, write <a id='nodeAccomodations'>Accomodations</a> for the text property of the node. Then you can use nodeAccomodations as client id.

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