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I need to call a number of different procedures within an Oracle package successively within a transaction. In fact, I need to call them about 5000 times. I was wondering what syntax I could use to batch these calls to Oracle, so I only need one round trip. I've tried


but I get back ORA00900: invalid SQL statement.

Any pointers? I know about passing arrays of parameters to procedures but that won't help much in this case unfortunately.

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Simplest is a anonymous PL/SQL block. EG:

  v_file_loc varchar2(100) := '....';
  v_file_name varchar2(100) := '....';
  v_text varchar2(4000);
    dbms_output.put_line('Starting file read');
    fp := UTL_FILE.FOPEN(v_file_loc,v_file_name,'r');

Then you can go the extra step and actually create this as a procedure in the DB, and simply call the procedure. PS. The slash at the end tells SQL*Plus or SQL Developer to execute the code. It depends on what you are using to run the SQL.

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And incur a network round trip for each call? Sounds like death to performance. Might be better to rewrite the stored proc so you can cut down on the network traffic.

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No, I want to batch them into one round-trip. –  James L May 28 '09 at 22:04

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