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I have this simple twill code

>>> from twill.commands import *
>>> go("")
==> at
>>> showlinks()
1. log in ==> /users/login
2. careers ==>
3. chat ==>
4. meta ==>
5. about ==> /about

I know I can do

>>> follow('careers')
 ==> at

but how do i specify the link number, for example,

>>> follow(2) 

does not work?

The reason is that I want to test a website which has many links and I want to build the list of the links I want to follow.

How would one do this?


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twill's follow function expects a string as an argument. try something like the following:

>>> follow('2') or >>> follow(str(2))

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thank you for your input – khinester Apr 6 '12 at 19:24

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