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I have an xhtml view being rendered via a prettyfaces request. I am running into a problem where the Action mapping from prettyfaces is being executed twice, but only when I have a ui:include tag. The example pretty config is like this:

 <url-mapping id="testRedirector">
      <pattern value="/project/#{lookupBean.projectId}/#{lookupBean.cardNumber}" />
      <view-id value="/lookup.xhtml" />

The .xhtml is like this:


<ui:include src="/header.xhtml">
    <ui:param name="this_tab_class" value="current"/>

<h:panelGrid columns="4">

And upon request to the URL, I see a log call on the myController.init() being executed twice. If I comment out the ui:include, the init is properly only called once. I've experimented wiht the other jsf phase listeners on prettyfaces url-mapping element, but all other enum types result in init() never being called.

My question is, how do I accomplish the same goal of including a predefined header.xhtml, or other predefined component, into a page and not invoke RENDER_REDRAW phase twice? Or is this a pretty-faces specific problem?

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I'm one of the developers of PrettyFaces. I think this could be either a bug in PrettyFaces or in the JSF implementation you are using. You should post this issue to the PrettyFaces forums. We could discuss this issue there in detail. ocpsoft.com/support/forum/prettyfaces-users –  chkal Feb 11 '12 at 10:40
Is your init method annotated with @PostConstruct? –  icwnd Oct 29 '12 at 19:58

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This sounds like a JSF bug. Does this occur when you do not include PrettyFaces?

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