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I'm having problems with character encodings with DynamicReports in Jasper Reports. I don't know where you should indicate the encoding. There are problems with accented characters. I have tried:

exporter.setParameter(JRExporterParameter.CHARACTER_ENCODING, "UTF-8"); //CP1252
exporter.setParameter(JRPdfExporterParameter.CHARACTER_ENCODING, "UTF-8");

The screen capture linked to below shows that the characters are shown correctly in my code but not in the report. How can I set the encoding in the report correctly?

screen capture

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Today I had same problem, I will describe my solution. My problem is not about encoding, it is about font.

DynamicReports create the pdf document with Helvetica font. When I changed fontName to "DejaVu Serif", then problem was solved.

    StyleBuilder myStyle= stl.style().setPadding(2);
    myStyle.setFontName("DejaVu Serif");
    TextColumnBuilder<Double> weightCol = col.column("Ağırlığı", "weight", type.doubleType());
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