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i want to do racing game, the car drives but i need the camera to follow it, i have creataLookAt matrix named view. i tried to add to the Z posiotion of the camera and the look at point: (speed of the car)*(-1) when the car driving , but it works only if the car drives forwards because when the car turns, the camera still moving forward. I wanted to rotate the camera on the Y axis when the car truns left or right, and here i got stuck.

can anyone tell me how can the camera follow the car?

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Please post some code. Can we move this to GameDev.SE? –  ashes999 Feb 10 '12 at 21:10

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You have a matrix that represents the orientation of the car. The camera's position is based off that car matrix like this:

CameraPosition = carPosition + (carMatrix.Backward * trailingDistance);
cameraTarget = carPosition;

view = Matrix.Createlookat(cameraPosition, cameraTarget, Vector3.Up);

That's a good starting point to make a trailing 3rd person camera.

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Yes, the component vectors you can get from the world matrix are very useful for these sorts of things! –  A-Type Feb 11 '12 at 18:50

You'll need to use a matrix to transform the vector that you add to the camera's position. Rotation is just a matter of calculating what angle you need in order to face your target.

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