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Could some one tell me why I get scrambled screenshots from the HTC Sensation?

Here's what I'm doing:

adb pull /dev/graphics/fb0 fb0
ffmpeg -vframes 1 -vcodec rawvideo -f rawvideo -pix_fmt rgb32 -s 540x960 -i fb0 -f image2 -vcodec png image.png
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Can you provide ffmpeg output? –  Dmitry Shkuropatsky Feb 14 '12 at 17:02

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I'm using HTC sensation HD, the code below works fine for me.

ffmpeg -vframes 1 -vcodec rawvideo -f rawvideo -pix_fmt bgr32 -s 480x800  -i fb0 -f image2 -vcodec png image2.png

You are using RGB32 format, you have to use BGR32.

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