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I'm using nHibernate 3 and Sharp Architecture 2.

I'd like nHibernate to key off of the Entity Id instead of state to determine if a child entity is new or not.

Currently, this works in the following way:

  1. Load entity, with children from nHibernate
  2. Map entity and children into corresponding mvc view model, with children (also view models)
  3. Make changes to view model and children
  4. Map view model, and children, back to entity
  5. Call SaveOrUpdate(entity) on corresponding repository
  6. Entity is updated. Current children are un-bound (removal of foreign key to parent (entity)). New children are inserted with different IDs. Foreign key relationships are updated for new children.

All mapping is done using the automapper, with the ID properties ignored where applicable. The mapped entity and children retain their former ID fields. My understanding is that the automapper is confusing nhibernate...

The problem with this is that the IDs just changed for all of my child entities. Anything that referenced them will now reference the orphaned children. I need this to perform an update instead of a delete and insert for children with the same ID as an existing child.

Is there a way to do this?


I've actually found the solution to my initial problem. The AutoMapper was getting confused, based on ignoring entity Id properties. I had to create constructor overloads for each entity to pass the Ids in, as they're protected set. The only issue I have now is persisting deletes. If I try to use Cascade().AllDeleteOrphan(), I get the following error while retrieving a different entity attached to the parent, that I want to retrieve prior to saving everything:

{"A collection with cascade=\"all-delete-orphan\" was no longer referenced by the owning entity instance:

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Three questions: 1) How are your entity IDs being generated? 2) Why do you need to manage them explicitly? 3) Are you using FNH's Automapping (object-to-database mapping), or are you referring to the completely separate Automapper (object-to-object mapping)? – Tom Bushell Feb 13 '12 at 17:36
1. The Id's are generated by sql server. 2. I wanted nHibernate to realize that they were the same entities that already existed in the database. 3. The object-to-object automapper is used to map between the viewmodel hierarchy and the nhibernate entity hierarchy. – user1003221 Feb 13 '12 at 22:53

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