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I was trying to install on Debian postfix or some mail client to have mails,(its ok if i install a client and it install by itself all the things needed, like postfis and stuffs) Ive read a lot and many tutorials seems to be pretty long, complicated and the worste of all at the end of the configuration just doesnt work anything at my mail, i am novice in this, please, could anybody help me to find a solution a tutorial or give me an explination of how to install it??

Thanks in advance

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The question would most likely yield better results on SuperUser instead, however I just did the same thing, only in Fedora. Here is the walkthrough I used:


I'm sure you can use it and simply replace 'yum' with 'apt-get'. Good Luck.

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looks very nice! i will try it, I just have one silly question, most of all tutorials say how to install and setup and all, but how to create users? any idea? I tried created linux users (which I th ink its wrong) even if worked, I think may be other way, could you give me any clue please? –  jpganz18 Feb 10 '12 at 23:47
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I set up a mail server on an Ubuntu server not to long ago, and this is useful:


Also, in the future this is something you should probably google.

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Hi, thanks for the post, Ive tried and no results, not even the squirrel mail works, even if i did exactly what they said, i googled a loooot and i tried a lot of configurations and none gives me a result... so bad! –  jpganz18 Feb 11 '12 at 5:00
Google brought me here, saying "You should google" is of no help to anyone. That is why I downvoted you. –  Deza Sep 19 '13 at 9:54
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