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I have a string like "9 mesi in cotone EURO 3+ss" or "9 mesi in cotone 3 EURO +ss" and I would like to get the integer value before or after the word EURO, depends on string format (I don't know how the user will send it) Can anyone help me, please?

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Something like this:

if(preg_match('/(\\d+(?:\.\\d+)?)?\\s*euro\\s*(\\d+(?:\.\\d+)?)?/i', $string, $regs) and count($regs) > 1) {
    if(!$regs[1] and !$regs[2]) {
        // Invalid input
    } else {
        $amount = floatval($regs[1] ? $regs[1] : $regs[2]);
        // Do something with $amount

The regular expression may need to be adjusted depending on the locale (space thousand separators, commas, etc).

If working with integer values, the regex simplifies to:

preg_match('/(\\d+)?\\s*euro\\s*(\\d+)?/i', $string, $regs)
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Perfect, thank you very much!!! – user1202494 Feb 10 '12 at 22:37
$values = array_shift($matches);
$lastnum = array_pop($values);
echo $lastnum;
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It might be simpler to break it up into two regexes:


This should set you on the right track.

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