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I have a form object with a form like :

<form:form commandName="search" id="xmsimplify-form" method="POST">
    <form:hidden path="typeOfSearch" />

I would like to retrieved the value of the field typeOfSearch in the a scriplet in the header (before the actual tag form)

    String typeOfSearch = [????] 

    if ("somevalue".equals(typeOfSearch) ) {

What would be the best thing to put instead of the [????]?

If there a way to retrieve the form bean in the request attribute or that page attribue?


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The recommended method would be do it JSTL style

<c:if test='${search.typeOfSearch == "somevalue"}'>

But if you really want you can pull objects from the model map directly from the request.

final SomeForm form = (SomeForm) request.getAttribute("someForm");
if(form.getTypeOfSearch().equals("somevalue") {
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