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I am new to mvc :)

I try to show a join but was not successfull .

I put below method in Model

LinqDataContext db = new LinqDataContext();
    public IQueryable getExam()
        return from exam in db.Exam_Table
               join cat in db.Cat_Table
               exam.Exam_Cat_ID_FK equals cat.Cat_ID

               select new { exam, cat };        


and call it from controller by below code :

   exam_rep exrep = new exam_rep();
    public ActionResult Index()
        var exams=exrep.getExams();
        return View(exams);

but can not display it in view by below code :

foreach(var ex in Model)
  <td><%: ex.exam.Exam_Title %></td>


how should I display values in view?

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Aren't the objects linked by the linq datacontext?

I think it would be something like this:

db.Exams.Select(e => new { Exam = e, Cat = e.Cat });

Or Linq syntax

from e in db.Exams select new { Exam = e, Cat = e.Cat };

Or Simply

// assuming Exam.Cat
return db.Exams

I would look at your datacontext and make sure you have it setup correctly. It seems like you might be over complicating things.

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