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I want to have 2 divs sized to a particular width (i.e. 500px). One above the other aligned horizontally.

The top box should hide its scroll bar, the bottom should show a scroll bar and when the user scrolls I'd like the offset of the top box to change to the value of the bottom box. So that when the bottom DIV scrolls horizontally it appears that the top DIV is also scrolling in unison.

I'm happy to do this in Jquery if it makes the process easier.

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$('#bottom').on('scroll', function () {

Here we are using .scrollTop() for all it's worth, getting the scrollTop value from the element with scroll-bars, and setting the scrollTop for the other element to sync their scroll positions:

This assumes that your bottom element has an ID of bottom and your top element has an ID of top.

You can hide the scroll-bars for the top element using CSS:

#top {
    overflow : hidden;

Here is a demo:

I suppose I've never really had a reason to do this, but it looks pretty cool in action.

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Ok great example (thank you!). Could you by chance provide a similar example but using the Jquery Scroll Left to make it scroll horizontally? – Joseph U. Feb 10 '12 at 23:51
@JosephU. :), have you tried replaceing scrollTop with scrollLeft for both instances? – Jasper Feb 10 '12 at 23:56
@JosephU. Here is an updated JSFiddle that demonstrates using scrollLeft instead of scrollTop: – Jasper Feb 11 '12 at 0:01
Excellent example here Jasper! – David O'Regan Apr 22 at 13:49

I've been looking for a double direction solution and thanks to you all, your contibutions helped me doing this :

$('#cells').on('scroll', function () {

See on JSFiddle :

Hope it's help someone someday :-)

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