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So I am new to Android development and I am looking for best way to achieve this

What I am looking for is fairly simple and I am sure there is an well established way to achieve this.

All I want is something like this image

enter image description here

I will have Camera preview in middle area. What I want to do is add frame around Camera preview. My idea was to divide it in areas and just add image that will represent borders but not sure how to achieve this in Android.

What Layout should I use? I will also need to have a button in middle (red box on image) So i Was thinking having table design and just putting images that will form in cells around and nesting camera preview in middle and button bellow it.

I am not experienced in this area and I was interested in best practice to achieve this sort of design in Android dev. Oh and I am working on Android 2.2


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For opaque frames, use drawable shapes. You can set the padding to match the thickness of your shape and you'll get the nice inset look without all the layout magic.

For the layout you could use either a FrameLayout or a RelativeLayout. If you use a frame layout center gravity the camera preview and center_horizontal|bottom the button. Its a similar process for the relative layout, but instead you use the centerHorizontalInParent and alignParentBottom.

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