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In preparation for my move to a production server later, I'm using this code (php) to make a new directory that will store a user's files:

function createNewUserFolder($newUserName)
    $siteRoot = "http://" . $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'] . "/myWebsite/";
    $newUserSubfolder = $siteRoot . $newUserName;

    if (!mkdir($newUserSubfolder, 0755))
        echo "PROBLEM...";

I've tried 0644 permissions to no avail -- I only get 'PROBLEM...' when this executes. I check the string containing the full path and it's correct - "http://localhost/myWebsite/myNewUserSubfolder".

So I'm suspecting the "http://localhost/myWebsite/" part of the above string is the problem. Yet I don't see why -- after all, this is php code running on my web server, so why can't my php code create a folder on my web server?

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What's the output of ls -al on $siteRoot? And what's the webserver's user called? (Try echo whoami) – chelmertz Feb 11 '12 at 1:25
try using the real directory ex: /var/www/myWebsite/ with mkdir instead of http:// and see if that works – James L. Feb 11 '12 at 1:28
ls -l isn't supported on my Windows box, and whoami from the command line yields the user name I created when I set up my user account on this Windows (Vista) box. Also -- I will try the fully qualified path but my question is -- should I be able to use http with /localhost/myWebsite with my call to mkdir() -- if not, why not --- this is a blind spot for me. The code above could work both on my development and production servers if I figure this out. – wantTheBest Feb 11 '12 at 1:30
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for windows environments you may want to do something like this

$siteRoot = "c:\\path\\to\\siteroot\\myWebsite/";
$newUserSubfolder = $siteRoot . $newUserName;

if (!mkdir($newUserSubfolder, 0755))
    echo "PROBLEM...";

Try that

Or try using FTP if there is FTP support on your server read more here

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Jaspreet, any relation to Gurbaksh Chahal? Really cool guy, he grew up 10 minutes away from me here in San Jose (Silicon Valley). Thanks for your advice here, also @Vyktor, a recurring theme in SO for me is wanting to accept multiple answers but I can't so I up arrowed you and I very much thank you for your help too – wantTheBest Feb 11 '12 at 2:59
Well I have heard lot about GC. I would say if he would've waited 1 more day on then I would have that domain :) so now I got :). Yes he seems to be a cool guy and would love to meet him someday. I wish him all the best and would love to see him someday. But as of today except sharing our surname I don't really know him :(. I live in Melbourne Aus btw. I am glad that I was of any help to you. btw I also run a blog here is url to that support chahals :) tah! again -jas – Jaspreet Chahal Feb 11 '12 at 7:10

You are trying to create directory via http protocol on "remote server", just try doing in linux shell:

 mkdir ""

Http server has no way of knowing that it's you and AFAIK it doesn't even support creating directories directly (via http protocol without script).

Anyway mkdir works only for the file:// protocol (or wrapper if you want) which is implicit in all file system functions.

Therefor when you run mkdir() with parameter /my/path is evaluated as file:///my/path (which it handles correctly). For http://... it's just unsupported protocol.

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