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So, if I need to give a custom variable name to an object how would I do that?

For instance, if I have a gameID that is 12345 and its rating is 3 I want to save a variable called gameRatings_12345 thats value is 3 in my shared local object.

//share object
protected var mySavedData:SharedObject = SharedObject.getLocal("mySavedData");

I have the game id in a string

var gameID:String = "12345";

Then when I try to assign the value like this...

mySavedData.data.gameRatings_gameID = 3

I think it's literally reading it as "mySavedData.data.gameRatings_gameID" instead of "mySavedData.data.gameRatings_12345"

How can I give the variable a custom name?

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mySavedData.data["gameRatings_" + gameID]
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You can use [] notation for setting properties which are dynamically created at runtime.

In your example I think you'd use:

mySavedData.data["gameRatings_" + gameID] = 3;
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