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I was wondering if there are other ways to customize an expanded select list using HTML or even a jQuery plugin. Basically I want each option in the list to be rendered with multiple styles, like in this example where the number is colored red:

<select size="12" name="ddlSpecial" id="ddlSpecial">
    <option value="1">
        <div>Option text <span style="color:Red;">(1)</span></div>
    <option value="2">
        <div>Option text <span style="color:Red;">(1)</span></div>

The HTML above works only in Firefox while the other browsers strip out the styling:


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Check my plugin, it might help, jqidealforms.com –  elclanrs Feb 11 '12 at 1:58

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Check this out:


you can do it, but you basically gonna have to replace the normal select with ul

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