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So i'm trying to do something i know is simple but its causing me some headaches. I am just trying to get an image from my app (im using MacFusion to ssh to our app vs having it on my machine locally). I basically dragged an image into the public/images folder along w/ some other html/css changes & then committed everything using git commit -a -m "comment about my commit here"...

I then pushed to github

So i thought that wouldve automatically added the image to the public/images folder in github (& on our server), but it didn't. all the other html & style changes went through but the image didn't show up in the public/images folder when i look in github.

I"m sure this is something dumb i'm overlooking but could really use a quick reason this is happening & instruction on how to get that one image file to the public/images folder in github.

thanks so much

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It sounds like the file is currently untracked by Git!

You must first add the file for git to track it. i.e.

git add filename.jpg

Two useful commands include:

To list all files currently tracked in this git repository, use:

git ls-files

To see if any files are currently untracked in your current directory, simply run

git status

A pretty good cheatsheat of git commands can be found here:

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appreciate it man - (beginner here) – BennyB Feb 23 '12 at 4:02

git commit -a doesn't add new files. It just commits changes to already tracked file.

Try doing a git add . .Or add the files explicitly and commit and push.

Use git status to see whether the files were added or not.

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