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Using the using the Facebook Graph API/SDK for iOS I'm getting the users News Feed with Some of the news feed items return a "story":"xxx" in the JSON response, if the stories contain an image it will be accompanied by a "picture" element. The picture element always returns the small image size.

Here is an example:

        "name":"Cristine Candelaria",
    "story":"Cristine Candelaria was tagged in Arielen Magno Bismar's photo.",

I've tried using what Facebook recommends in the API, however this always returns a false in the JSON response and I've also tried just getting the feed details via [Graph API URL]/100000238965505_364153823602580 (sorry I can only post 2 hyperlinks). This does not yield any extra usefully information.

I've discovered that if you manipulated the end of the "photo" element URL and simply switch the _s to _n you will get the normal image size.

My question is what's the proper way to get the image and the text associated with that image (ex: first time at the super bowl...) for a News Feed using the Graph API?

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Is this still happening, you should now be seeing the normal size. – C Abernathy Sep 29 '12 at 0:44

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