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i want to add utm_source=twitter in the of the links

i have a link let say http://abcd.com/news?id=1

it need to be http://abcd.com/news?id=1&utm_source=twitter

if http://abcd.com/news/1

it need to be


any idea?

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To check if your link already has URL parameters on the end of it, look for the ? character in the URL. If it's there, use a & instead.

$link = 'http://abcd.com/news?id=1'; // or http://abcd.com/news
$join_char = strpos($string, '?') !== -1 ? '&' : '?'; // determine if we need & or ?
$link .= $join_char . 'utm_source=twitter';
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thanks for the idea. i changed little bit, not it works. thanks $link = 'http://abcd.com/news/1'; $join_char = strpos($link, '?') ? '&' : '?'; $link .= $join_char . 'utm_source=twitter'; –  pamella Feb 11 '12 at 2:35
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You can check if the URL already contains a query string and branch your logic accordingly:

if (strpos($url, '?') === FALSE) {
    $url .= '?utm_source=twitter';
} else {
    $url .= '&utm_source=twitter';
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If you're simply adding it to the end of a link it would look something like

$link . "?utm_source=twitter";
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You missed a piece. :P –  Entropid Feb 11 '12 at 2:27
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