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I'm a real noob at this. I've just began scratching the surface on node.js/ and stuff. I finally figured out how to use my command prompt (using windows) to launch a "hello world" application with the command "node example.js." But what does npm mean? When I'm looking at it says to install, npm install Does that mean I need to extract all the files into my nodejs folder?

I'm confused.

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npm is a command line interface program to manage node.js libraries (it stands for node package manager ). Check out the doc, it is awesome and amazing. As you mentioned, just type npm install in a command prompt, and voilà, you have the library in your local node modules.

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It doesn't stand for Node Package Manager though because it's not an acronym. – James Nov 19 '15 at 21:15

npm is a generally awesome program for managing packages and dependencies (especially while you have a network connection). It does lots of fancy things and is most commonly used with node.js projects. That said, it's an unfortunately common misconception that the acronym stands for "node package manager".

In reality, npm doesn't actually stand for anything as it's not an acronym. With taglines like "no problem, meatbag" the npm organization playfully resists the trend of acronymization. It should always be referenced in lowercase to avoid confusion with the National Association of Pastoral Musicians.

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for those who are wondering the same thing, you just type npm install in the command prompt where nodejs file is.

C:/Program Files/nodejs

That should be what your command prompt should say and then just type that in.

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Actually that should just be in your path. You want to install most npm packages in the actual directory of the project, so it can create a local node_modules directory there. – Plynx Mar 5 '12 at 19:57

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