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I create a ASP.net MVC 4 project by using Visual Studio 2010 IDE.
I want to make sure that my web application could run at Desktop PC as well as Mobile Browsers which is not the same sizes and properties.

After learning from this, I found that I need to use 51Degree when it comes to android based opera browsers detection.

But unfortunately, when i use nuget command

Install-Package 51Degrees.mobi

The downloaded data is not like I already expected. Below is my current project situation after I downloaded by using nuget Command,

01.)51Degrees.mobi.config   [found]
02.)AppStart_51Degrees.cs   [not found]
03.)FiftyOne.Foundation.dll [found]
04.)~/App_Data/wurfl.xml.gz [not found] 
05.)~/Mobile                [found]   
06.)<redirect> element inside <fiftyOne>  
           [not found at web.config]
           [found at 51Degrees.mobi.config]

Could anyone please give me any suggestion or any reference links which using Razor and 51Degree.mobi?

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51Degrees.mobi has been updated to version 2 since the blog post you refer to was written. The files you mention are no longer required. I suggest you look at this blog post for guidance on MVC4 mobile detection.

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