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I am using XNA 4.0 and Blender 1.6.1. I built a model in Blender, rigged it, used materials to color it, and exported it to .fbx. My model has UV-maps for all the meshes but they do not have textures. When I use the normal model content pipeline with BasicEffects, I can see the model fine (including materials).

However, I then went to use the SkinnedModelProcessor at http://create.msdn.com/en-US/education/catalog/sample/skinned_model and now my model is either rendering transparently or not at all.

After looking into the problem, I found the StockEffects tutorial at http://create.msdn.com/en-US/education/catalog/sample/stock_effects and used it to see how the skinnedeffect was rendering pixels. I changed the pixel shaders (in all applicable places) so that:

float color4 = pin.Diffuse;

I figured that would allow my model to render correctly without textures with the SkinnedModelProcessor but I cannot figure out how to get the processor to use my updated effect and not the built-in one. If anyone knows how to get the processor to use the updated effect file or another way of getting my model to render using materials and not textures, I would appreciate the help.

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In your game simply load the Effect file you wrote and then assign it to your Skinned Model

public void SetModelEffect(Effect effect)
  foreach (ModelMesh mesh in model.Meshes)
    foreach (ModelMeshPart part in mesh.MeshParts)
      part.Effect = effect;

hope that helps.

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