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I have a file locations.xml which contains image filenames, and positions of rectangles drawn on the corresponding image. The XML node structure is as follows:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>
    <resolution x="960" y="1280" />
      <taggedRectangle x="196.0" y="901.0" width="111.0" height="67.0" offset="0.0" rotation="0.0" userName="admin" />
      <taggedRectangle x="116.0" y="896.0" width="59.0" height="69.0" offset="0.0" rotation="0.0" userName="admin" />
      <taggedRectangle x="442.0" y="794.0" width="424.0" height="67.0" offset="0.0" rotation="0.0" userName="admin" />
      <taggedRectangle x="212.0" y="793.0" width="200.0" height="66.0" offset="0.0" rotation="0.0" userName="admin" />
      <taggedRectangle x="99.0" y="560.0" width="302.0" height="76.0" offset="0.0" rotation="0.0" userName="admin" />
      <taggedRectangle x="107.0" y="791.0" width="84.0" height="66.0" offset="0.0" rotation="0.0" userName="admin" />
      <taggedRectangle x="512.0" y="682.0" width="366.0" height="74.0" offset="0.0" rotation="0.0" userName="admin" />
      <taggedRectangle x="104.0" y="678.0" width="376.0" height="73.0" offset="0.0" rotation="0.0" userName="admin" />

I need to open this file in OpenCV and read it such that for every image filename in the XML file, the corresponding image will be opened in a window, and the rectangles will be drawn on the corresponding image.

Basically I need to open these files and see the rectangles to match them with rectangles drawn on the same images using a text detection algorithm. But it's handling the XML files that have me stumped. Any help is appreciated.

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if it's your xml file, you could switch from json to xml and save parsing time. because json parsing is much simpler and faster than xml. :) –  Evgen Bodunov Feb 11 '12 at 11:41
JSON is not an option. Because all the files are not mine. And I do not know anything about JSON yet. And I'll have to figure out how ti incorporate the JSON parser results into OpenCV function arguments. –  Riddhiman Dasgupta Feb 11 '12 at 15:31

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OpenCV is OpenCV and XML is XML. One has not much to do with the other.

Check this thread

Best open XML parser for C++

I personally used pugixml and I was content

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Yes, I've thought of using TinyXML or something more full-fledged, but do I need to use a different parser for my rather simple needs? Is there no way to do it using the inbuilt XML/YAML handling functions in OpenCV? –  Riddhiman Dasgupta Feb 11 '12 at 15:30

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