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I have been searching all over the internet and can't find a solution for this. I am fairly new to MVC. How can I create a "Contact Us" form in a footer that is rendered as a partial and displayed on every page? I am just trying to get the form to send an email to us with the client's information.

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You should create _Layout.cshtml and use it for your pages.

See tutorial

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I am trying to put a form on the _Layout.cshtml and that is the problem. The site has 5 different controllers and I need the form to be able to submit no matter what page the site is on. The Form is in the _Layout.cshtml which is displayed on every page of the site. –  tclarkston Feb 11 '12 at 18:37
You can define form as <form id="loginForm" action="@Url.Action("SignUp", "Login")" method="post"> </form> and use a separated Controller to process form submit –  Sergey Gavruk Feb 11 '12 at 19:25

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