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I was trying to automate a piece of my code so that programming become less tedious. Basically I was trying to do a stepwise selection of variables using fastbw() in the rms package. I would like to pass the list of variables selected by fastbw() into a formula as y ~ x1+x2+x3, "x1" "x2" "x3" being the list of variables selected by fastbw()

Here is the code I tried and did not work

olsOAW0.r060 <- ols(roll_pct~byoy+trans_YoY+change18m, 
                    subset= helper=="POPNOAW0_r060", 
                    na.action = na.exclude, 
                    data = modelready)

OAW0 <- fastbw(olsOAW0.r060, rule="p", type="residual", sls= 0.05)

vec <- as.vector(OAW0$names.kept, mode="any")

b <- paste(vec, sep ="+") ##I even tried b <- paste(OAW0$names.kept, sep="+")

bestp.OAW0.r060 <- lm(roll_pct ~ b , 
                      data = modelready, 
                      subset = helper =="POPNOAW0_r060",    
                      na.action = na.exclude)

I am new to R and still havent trailed the steep learning curve, so apologize for obvious programming blunders. Any help is much appreciated

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You're almost there. You just have to paste the entire formula together, something like this:

paste("roll_pct ~ ",b,sep = "")

coerce it to an actual formula using as.formula and then pass that to lm. Technically, I think lm may coerce a character string itself, but coercing it yourself is generally safer. (Some functions that expect formulas won't do the coercion for you, others will.)

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JJoran, thankyou, I still have error .please take a look hpi <- paste ("byoy", "change18m" , "change24m" , "change18m0", "change24m0", "lag3byoy" , "lag3change18m" , "lag3change24m", "lag6byoy", "lag6change18m", "lag6change24m", "trans_YoY" , sep ="+") hpi.form <- as.formula(paste("roll_pct~", "hpi", sep = "")) lmNGC0.r060 <- lm(hpi.form, subset= helper== "POPNOANGC0_r060",na.action = na.exclude, data = modelready) > Error in model.frame.default(formula = as.formula(paste("roll_pct~", "hpi",:variable lengths differ (found for 'hpi') –  anand Feb 13 '12 at 19:05
@user1199861 You put hpi in quotes in the second line. Type hpi.form at the console and you'll see why this is wrong. –  joran Feb 13 '12 at 19:13
Joran, thanks once again, i think lm() is not coercing the object "hpi" into the formula as character string. When I tried typing the variables into the lm() formula, it worked –  anand Feb 13 '12 at 19:22
@user1199861 No, you pasted it together wrong. You wrote: paste("roll_pct~", "hpi", sep = ""), rather than paste("roll_pct~", hpi, sep = "") as I indicated in my answer. –  joran Feb 13 '12 at 19:25
Joran, thanks, you spotted it . Got it work this time..... thank you for being patient with me –  anand Feb 13 '12 at 20:15

You would actually need to use collapse instead of seb when defining b.

b <- paste(OAW0$names.kept, collapse="+")

Then you can put it in joran answer

paste("roll_pct ~ ",b,sep = "")

or just use:

paste("roll_pct ~ ",paste(OAW0$names.kept, collapse="+"),sep = "")
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