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Mole visualizer for WPF in Visual Studio is a great tool for debugging WPF apps. What I want to know is, is there a visualizer tool with Mole like functionality for general .Net debugging. I find the built in watch capabilities to be a little fidly.


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Since MOLE version 3.0, the tool has been able to work with all types of Visual Studio projects. See here for more information about the tool and how to get the latest version.

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I wrote a commercial tool called BugAid that, like Mole, allows for Searching/Filtering/easier viewing of collections, but is intended for general purpose programming as you asked for. It replaces Visual Studio's DataTip and QuickWatch in order to provide these capabilities right inside VS, when hovering over variables (rather than through a DebugVisualizer).

Full disclosure: I am the co-author of the tool I've described here.

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Mole 2010 works for all .net objects. I just used it for a winforms app and a WCF service and it works great.

They've got a free demo if you want to check it out


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