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I have a problem with Netbeans simply not recognizing Javadocs in external libraries. I've gone into the library path and specified a valid javadoc path (Netbeans accepts the path without error). But even after re-building/opening closing Netbeans, I still get the "Javadoc not found" error for all items in the library.

I'm stuck on where to go since there is no error message, and I can browse the docs using a web-browser. Any ideas?

The version of NEtbeans is 6.5.1 The files are uncompressed in a directory that has been added to the the Javadoc tab of the properties for the library. The library works as expected.

I've tried clearing the Netbeans cache to no effect.

I got it working. I deleted the library, the re-created it added the Javadocs. Now it works perfectly.

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Could you please be more specific: What is your version of NetBeans? Where are those javadocs located? Are they unpacked in a separate folder, in a zip file, in jar file?

Here is a working solution for NetBeans 6.5 for an example:

  • Go to Project Properties > Libraries dialog
  • On "Compile" tab press the "Add JAR/Folder" button and locate your library
  • On "Compile" tab press the "Edit" button with your library selected
  • Add path to either: a) docs folder of that library, containing index.html and the rest of the files; b) zip file, containing that libraries docs folder;

It should work without re-building your project or restarting NetBeans.

If you have created a custom library, it can be edited in a very similar fashion through "Tools > Libraries"

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Worked a charm for me, thanks! –  Jamie Keeling Mar 14 '11 at 15:42

Sounds similar to a problem i had recently, turned out all i had to do was delete the cache to force NetBeans to rebuild.

If @slink84's suggestion fails to help, you might try @dr Hanibbal Lecter's method from my question on stackoverflow

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