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I am using HTTP Digest authentication mechanism in the server side and client is firefox.

This is the server side code

Application application = new Vehicle();

component.getDefaultHost().attach("/home",new Home());

DigestAuthenticator guard = new DigestAuthenticator(null, "TestRealm","mySecretServerKey");
Instantiates a Verifier of identifier/secret couples based on a  simple Map.
MapVerifier mapVerifier = new MapVerifier();

Load a single static login/secret pair.

mapVerifier.getLocalSecrets().put("login", "secret".toCharArray());

Guard the restlet


In home class

Router router = new Router(getContext());
router.attach("/People", People.class);

return router;

if i request http://localhost:8182/ Http authentication is working but http://localhost:8182/home/categories/ is not asking for any http authentication if first we try for /home/categories/ instead of http://localhost:8182/ it will give out the result with out any authentication mechanism. How to solve this ?

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You are attaching the guard only to the default route, so the routes that are not matching any other routes. See the javadoc for attachDefault :

 * Attaches a Resource class to this router as the default target to invoke
 * when no route matches. It actually sets a default route that scores all
 * calls to 1.0.

Your other routes are not the default routes and so they are not guarded

router.attach("/People", People.class);

You must wire the guard between each route that you want to protect like this :

DigestAuthenticator peopleGuard = new DigestAuthenticator(null, "TestRealm","mySecretServerKey");
router.attach("/People", peopleGuard);
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Thanks for the reply, will try out your suggestion. – ridy Feb 15 '12 at 5:40

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