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Is there a “toll-free bridged” Core Foundation counterpart for NSColor?

CGColorRef doesn't seem to like NSColor and vice versa?

Basically we'd like to create NSColor (or compatible) objects from our C++ wrapper/framework classes that store the actual r/g/b/a values. I know we could use Objective-C++ but staying in the C++ world would be preferrable!

Any hints much appreciated.

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You could convert a CGColorRef to an NSColor like this:

CGColorRef cgColor = ...;
NSColorSpace *colorSpace = [[[NSColorSpace alloc] initWithCGColorSpace:CGColorGetColorSpace(cgColor)] autorelease];
NSColor *nsColor = [NSColor colorWithColorSpace:colorSpace 

If you use this a lot, it's probably best to put this in an NSColor category method.

If your colors are all in the RGBA colorspace, it might be easier to just use a simple struct in your C++ code and use colorWithCalibratedRed:green:blue:alpha: for conversion.

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Thanks - yes, I guess we'll go with a NSColor category that initializes a new NSColor object straight from our wrapper class! –  Jay Feb 11 '12 at 14:37

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