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I'm a rather novice programmer who recently came up with a solution that works for my project, however I'm always looking for ways to improve my code.

So essentially, I have a settings form that pop's up and I was looking for a way to put it next to my main form but not covering it nor appearing partially off of the screen the main form is on. I came up with this but it's not very dynamic because it only checks 4 different locations and if none of them work it uses the default, which is center screen.

Here is what I have:

private void Place_Form(Form formToPlaceNextTo, Form formToPlace)
        Point alignRightTop = new Point(m_parent.Location.X + m_parent.Width, m_parent.Location.Y);
        Point alignRightBottom = new Point(m_parent.Location.X + m_parent.Width, (m_parent.Location.Y + m_parent.Height) - this.Height);
        Point alignLeftTop = new Point(m_parent.Location.X - this.Width, m_parent.Location.Y);
        Point alignLeftBottom = new Point(m_parent.Location.X - this.Width, (m_parent.Location.Y + m_parent.Height) - this.Height);

        if (Screen.FromControl(formToPlace).WorkingArea.Contains(new Rectangle(alignRightTop.X, alignRightTop.Y, this.Width, this.Height)))
            this.Location = alignRightTop;
        if (Screen.FromControl(formToPlace).WorkingArea.Contains(new Rectangle(alignRightBottom.X, alignRightBottom.Y, this.Width, this.Height)))
            this.Location = alignRightBottom;
        if (Screen.FromControl(formToPlace).WorkingArea.Contains(new Rectangle(alignLeftTop.X, alignLeftTop.Y, this.Width, this.Height)))
            this.Location = alignLeftTop;
        if (Screen.FromControl(formToPlace).WorkingArea.Contains(new Rectangle(alignLeftBottom.X, alignLeftBottom.Y, this.Width, this.Height)))
            this.Location = alignLeftBottom;

Any suggestions or preferred coding techniques?

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The preferred technique is to let Windows position the window/form automatically. Attempting to monkey with it just increases the likelihood that you'll get it wrong. –  Cody Gray Feb 11 '12 at 9:55
If you have a code which works, but you'd like to improve it then probably codereview.stackexchange.com might be more appropriate here. SO is mostly for 'broken' code –  Snowbear Feb 11 '12 at 9:57
@Snowbear Thank you, I had no idea that site existed. –  Josh Feb 11 '12 at 10:00
@Cody Gray: Yes, I'm sure that's a preferred way but it defaults over the main form and this is a problem because the settings form changes the visuals of the main form. The user can move the settings form to see the changes happen as they are changed on the settings form however, I'm trying to make it more user friendly. –  Josh Feb 11 '12 at 10:03
So give them the ability to have it docked (how they like) or floating (where they like), and save their preferred setting. Anything else means you are going to irritate a significant %age of users no matter what you do. –  Tony Hopkinson Feb 11 '12 at 10:07

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As suggested by Snowbear, I used another SE site to ask the same question and got a good response.


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