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I need to instantiate a new view on a command

Imagine I have a "new employee" button in a module and when you press it, I want to create a new employee view, you press it 3 times and I want to have a tab with three elements in it and each tab page contains data for an employee, then you can save and/or close each tab page separately.

how do I do this with Prism?

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The ViewInjectionComposition QuickStart has a great example of what you are looking for.

What you do is delegate a command to a controller, get your scoped region out of the region manager. Once you have the scoped region, resolve a new view and add it to the region.

Here is a snippet from the quickstart that you could easily modify to do what you are looking for.

 public class EmployeesController : IEmployeesController
    private IUnityContainer container;
    private IRegionManager regionManager;

    public EmployeesController(IUnityContainer container, IRegionManager regionManager)
        this.container = container;
        this.regionManager = regionManager;

    public virtual void OnEmployeeSelected(BusinessEntities.Employee employee)
        IRegion detailsRegion = regionManager.Regions[RegionNames.DetailsRegion];
        object existingView = detailsRegion.GetView(employee.EmployeeId.ToString(CultureInfo.InvariantCulture));

        if (existingView == null)
            IProjectsListPresenter projectsListPresenter = this.container.Resolve<IProjectsListPresenter>();

            IEmployeesDetailsPresenter detailsPresenter = this.container.Resolve<IEmployeesDetailsPresenter>();

            IRegionManager detailsRegionManager = detailsRegion.Add(detailsPresenter.View, employee.EmployeeId.ToString(CultureInfo.InvariantCulture), true);
            IRegion region = detailsRegionManager.Regions[RegionNames.TabRegion];
            region.Add(projectsListPresenter.View, "CurrentProjectsView");
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