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I am writing my first GWT and i confess i have no idea how to set up loggers.

I am deploying the application to tomcat and want to be able to set up a logger so that i can log to a file in $catalina.home. Gwt came with logging.properties for a java util style log and log4j.properties; i have looked at documentation for the gwt java util logger and it seems to just write to console so it must be log4j i need?

In the past ive seen org.apache.log4j.Logger used, is this what i want?

Could somebody please point me to somewhere where this is documented?


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The documentation is here. You can't use file appenders directly because the GWT code runs as Javascript in the browser (when not in development mode). If you want to log to a file you need to enable remote logging.

If there is a server side part logging works as normal. But then it has not much to do with GWT, except for being in the same project and providing services (via a custom protocol).

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What do you want to log? rpc service servlets or client logic?

Log4j is just for java not javascript. So it is intended to log your classes in your /server/ package that will be deployed in your server.

Your /client/ package classes will be translated to javascript and will run in the client browser. So, no Java at all!

You can use log4j "emulated" to javascript with http://code.google.com/p/gwt-log/ which will send your client logs using a RemoteLogger to the server via rpc and then you can log them to a file.

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