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use foreign fields in list_filter of django admin page

Suppose i have models

   class Company():
         name varchar(50)
         field1 varchar(50)

   class Client()
          name varchar(50)
          company ForeignKey(Company)

Now how can i implement filter on Client model for field1 in django admin page

I tried list_filter = ['company_field1', 'company_name'] but didn't work. Any solutions?

I'm using django 1.2 version.

Thanks in advance

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This can't be done in Django 1.2.

Starting with 1.3 you can use that standard `relatedModel__field' syntax (see the docs). Note that you have to use a double underscore for this to work.

In the current dev version you could to even more complex things be using a subclass of SimpleListFilter which pratically allows you to do anything you like ;)

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Thanks for your answer – Asif Feb 11 '12 at 11:38

With Django 1.2, there is a hacky work around I've used for this sort of thing.

In your database, define a view on a join of the two tables with the foreign key relationship. Then make Django use the view instead of the real table. Put triggers on the view to redirect database writes to the correct table.

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