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My java application needs to resolve environment variables in file paths at runtime , file paths will be specified in properties file as below in case of windows it will be %JAVA_HOME%\certs\myselffign.cer in case of unix it will be $JAVA_HOME\certs\myselffign.cer

My java apps needs to resolve those file path to absolute paths and load the certificates into truststore.

Is there any way to this. As of now i am checking , and if is windows then pattern matching for %% and using system.getenv , in case of non windows looking for $.

I am hoping there is a better way to do this

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System.getEnv() is how you do it. What's your question? – skaffman Feb 11 '12 at 11:48

You could use the standard (Java) template syntax of ${java.home} in your property files, then replace it at Runtime with the value of System.getProperty("java.home");. So in your file instead of:

certificate=%JAVA_HOME%\certs\myselffign.cer (Windows)
certificate=$JAVA_HOME\certs\myselffign.cer (*nix)

Just use a standard:


And in code do something like:

String javaHomePath = System.getProperty("java.home")l
Properties props = Properties.load( ...);
String certFilePath = props.get("certificate");
certFilePath = certFilePath.replaceAll("${java.home}", javaHomePath);

Mind you, using the standard template syntax also allows you to use some of the open source property replacement tools out there. Like Spring PropertyResolver. Hope that helps.

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