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How would I go about adding the current date into the database (MySQL) when a user registers? I know I would need to add a row in the database (Join_date or something), what would I set that to when creating that row? timestamp? varchar?

I want to make it so when the user submits the registration form it adds the current date to the join date row.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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DATETIME with CURRENT_TIMESTAMP default value. I think it's better to check MySQL syntax before asking here. – MahanGM Feb 11 '12 at 11:59

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Suppose structure is

field     type
id         INT
username   varchar(10)
password   varchar(10)
date       datetime

Then use below query

INSERT INTO Table values (1,'username','password',NOW())

Hope this helps you...

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Column type should be datetime

and while inserting row, use NOW() in query

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When the user submitting form is in a diiferent geographical location then chances are that the current date might be + or - 1 from the DB server date. Its better to get the date from the frontend. – Jayy Feb 11 '12 at 12:04
In that case how will you check the exact time of registration. Suppose at admin end time zone is 0 and at user's end its +1:00. Id admin checks the registration time, then it will show him the future time. – Gaurav Feb 11 '12 at 12:07
So according to me Time should be stored in UTC time zone, and a separate colum for users' time zone – Gaurav Feb 11 '12 at 12:09

Add a datetime column, and use NOW()doc to set the column when inserting a record.

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This was asked many times.

See this question: Registration date . Its solution can be used well; it will automatically insert date.

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Make that field either MySQL internal date/time type (see and use CURRDATE ( to fill it, or simply make it int and fill it with POSIX time with time(). Personally I find the Unix timestamp better since it's easier to operate and it doesn't depend on the type of db.

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You can use a code like this

INSERT INTO users (LastName, FirstName, DateColumn)
VALUES ("firstname", "lastname", NOW())

NOW() would insert the current date in the DateColumn field

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try this:

INSERT INTO users (`LastName`, `FirstName`, `DateColumn`) 
VALUES ("Fname", "LNamee", NOW())
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assuming that you are using mysql, you can use field type DATETIME or TIMESTAMP.

usually I use DATETIME for created ("join date") fields and TIMESTAMP for lastupdated field, since it can be (easily) populated transparently by the RDBMS on update.

To get the current date you can use mysql function NOW().

for example:

INSERT INTO Users (`firstname`, `regdate`) VALUES ('herbie', NOW());
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