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Relative dates are great to display the temporal incidence of recent activity, but at what distance is it an inconvenience for the user to see a relative date rather than an absolute one?

Let's assume the context is a forum.

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This is completely relevant to whatever the dates are associated with. If it's an update feed (like your SO recent activity), then it may be a good idea to display relative dates by the hour. If it's articles talking about software updates, then days would be more appropriate...

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You're right; post edited. – moo May 29 '09 at 2:02

For me, a week is about the limit. I don't know of any industrial pysch studies to support it.

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I just display today and yesterday as relative dates, like facebook does.

3 days ago makes me wonder which day it was, and I find it confusing. Not to mention Flickr's "three months ago" without any detailed info :(

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