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I need to create a random number of dropdownlists in my view, based on the selected value of another dropdownlist. This is all done but my problem comes when I need to make the httppost because i never know how much data i need to save in my db.

In my model I have a list

public List<RoomToBooking> RoomsToBooking { get; set; }

that will get filled with x number of RoomToBooking when the Create view is rendered after the user makes a selction of dropdownlist 1:

var dogs = from d in db.Dogs
                       where d.Customer_ID == id
                       select d;
            foreach (Dog item in dogs)
                roomToBooking = new RoomToBooking();
                roomToBooking.Customer_ID = id;
                roomToBooking.Dog = item;

So I would like to create the same number of dropdownlist in my Create view

 @Html.DropDownListFor(model => model.Booking.RoomToBooking, new SelectList(ViewBag.DeliveryTypes), new { @class = "selectbox" })
        @Html.ValidationMessageFor(model => model.Booking.RoomToBooking)

So I in the end can be able to save it to my db

    public ActionResult Create(EditBookingPensionViewModel model)
        foreach (RoomToBooking item in objViewModel.RoomsToBooking)
            //Save to db

I assume that I should use jquery to create the dropdownlists, but how do i create the dropdownlists so the selected values can be found in my viewmodel??

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You may take a look at the following article. I slight adaption might be necessary for your scenario because you don't have add and remove buttons but instead you use the selected value of a dropdownlist to determine the number of dynamic rows to be added. But the concept is the exactly the same.

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