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So i have the below method declaration and definition,

  -(UIImageView *)returnImageView:(UIImageView *)myImageView color:(UIColor *)imageViewColor x:(int)xParameter y:(int)yParamater width:(int)widthParameter height:(int)heightParameter
CGRect cellFrame = CGRectMake(xParameter, yParamater, widthParameter, heightParameter);
myImageView = [myImageView initWithFrame:cellFrame];
myImageView.backgroundColor =imageViewColor;
myImageView.opaque = YES;
return myImageView;

This method will return an image view.

I am trying to call it as

UIImageView *myImageViews;
UIColor *tableColor = [UIColor blueColor] ;
[self.view addSubview:[returnImageView:myImageViews color:tableColor x:17 y:10 width:290 height:230]; 

which is giving a compiler error use of undeclared identifier returnImageView. What is causing the error ?


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First of all a square bracket is missing after the last line of code.

Second you have to call "self" to get the method!

[self.view addSubview:[self returnImageView:myImageViews color:tableColor x:17 y:10 width:290 height:230]];

Third, did you declare your returnImageView method in the class-relative .h file?

-(UIImageView *)returnImageView:(UIImageView *)myImageView color:(UIColor *)imageViewColor x:(int)xParameter y:(int)yParamater width:(int)widthParameter height:(int)heightParameter;
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Thanks for the input. Yes i did add the self and the method is being executed now however the image view is either not being added or the issue is with the color parameter as i cannot see the image-view when the app runs. –  Ayub Ahmed Feb 11 '12 at 16:35
The issue was the imageview was not being initialized so doing this , UIImageView *myImageViews = [[UIImageView alloc] init]; Issue solved –  Ayub Ahmed Feb 11 '12 at 16:44
Great! And thank you for the reputation! –  erond Feb 11 '12 at 16:48

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