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I have managed to start, stop and check the status of a previously created EC2 instance from JAVA API. However, i'm having difficulty on getting the public dns address of this instance. Since I start the instance with StartInstancesRequest and get the response with StartInstancesResponse, i couldn't be able to retrieve the actual Instance object. My starting code is given below, it works:

BasicAWSCredentials oAWSCredentials = new BasicAWSCredentials(sAccessKey, sSecretKey);
AmazonEC2 ec2 = new AmazonEC2Client(oAWSCredentials);
List<String> instanceIDs = new ArrayList<String>();

StartInstancesRequest startInstancesRequest = new StartInstancesRequest(instanceIDs);
try {
        StartInstancesResult response = ec2.startInstances(startInstancesRequest);
        System.out.println("Sent! "+response.toString());
    }catch (AmazonServiceException ex){
        return false;
    }catch(AmazonClientException ex){
        return false;

Besides any help through connecting to this instance via JSch will be appreciated.

Thanks a lot!

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Here's a method that would do the trick. It would be best to check that the instance is in the running state before calling this.

String getInstancePublicDnsName(String instanceId) {
    DescribeInstancesResult describeInstancesRequest = ec2.describeInstances();
    List<Reservation> reservations = describeInstancesRequest.getReservations();
    Set<Instance> allInstances = new HashSet<Instance>();
    for (Reservation reservation : reservations) {
      for (Instance instance : reservation.getInstances()) {
        if (instance.getInstanceId().equals(instanceId))
          return instance.getPublicDnsName();
    return null;
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Worked flawlessly, thanks a lot! –  jatha Feb 12 '12 at 14:45

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