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How do I apply a hover effect on an a element, but not to an a element with the class active?

a:hover(not: .active)

Seems something is missing.

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The functional notation is on :not(), not :hover:


If you prefer to put :hover first, that's fine:


It doesn't matter which pseudo-class comes first or last; either way, the selector works the same. It just happens to be my personal convention to put :hover last as I tend to place user-interaction pseudo-classes behind structural pseudo-classes.

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Ah, perfect! Thank you @BoltClock. –  Pineapple Under the Sea Feb 11 '12 at 16:13

You have the option of using the not() selector.

a:not(.active):hover { ... }

However, this may not work in all browsers, as not all browsers implement CSS3 features.

If you are targeting a large audience and want to support older browsers, the best way would be to define a style for the .active:hover and undo whatever you're doing in a:hover.

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