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I'm trying to update the the last record that matches the userid and id. With the query below, all records matching the usedid are updated. How do i get it to update only the last record for the user?

$sql1 = "UPDATE punch SET time=?, activitydate=? WHERE id = ? ORDER BY id DESC LIMIT 1";
        $query = $this->db->query($sql1, array($data['time'], $data['activitydate'],     $data['id']));
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you can make two queries: first get the right ID (punch Primary Key) and second the update. Or a query with a subquery like this:

$sql1 = "UPDATE punch a SET a.time=?, a.activitydate=? WHERE a.id = (select b.id from punch b where b.userid=? ORDER BY b.id DESC LIMIT 1)";
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Ok, that set me on the right path. Ended up with: $sql1 = "UPDATE punch SET punch.time=?, punch.activitydate=? WHERE punch.id = (select punch.id from (select punch.id from punch where punch.id=? ORDER BY punch.id DESC LIMIT 1)AS p )"; Thanks –  Robin Bantjes Feb 12 '12 at 9:13
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