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I want to create a table that's a cache of results from a view. Is there an easy way to automatically define the table from the view's definition, or will I have to cobble it together from show create table view?

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You can do CREATE TABLE SELECT from the view to build it. That should duplicate the view's structure as a new table containing all the view's rows. Here's the MySQL syntax reference for this statement.

CREATE TABLE tbl_from_view AS    
  FROM your_view;

Note that you will want to be very explicit in your column selections. It isn't advisable to do a SELECT * from the source view. Make sure as well that you have aliases for any calculated or aggregate columns like COUNT(*), MAX(*), (col1 + col2), etc.

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Why isn't it advisable to do SELECT *? –  Martin Burch Nov 15 '13 at 19:25
@MartinBurch It is generally never advisable to SELECT * in production code, preferring instead to be explicit about the columns retrieved and their order. In the case of a CTAS, you may wish to specify the column order. If you know for certain that you need all columns and they are in the preferred order already, then go ahead with SELECT *, but it's better to be explicit and avoid surpirses (like large binary blob columns added by your colleagues, unbeknownst to you) –  Michael Berkowski Nov 15 '13 at 19:30

I also found that in the mysqldump output, there are statements that create the view as a table, just before it defines the view. I can parse those out and run them as queries.

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